Video From Tom Ford's Secret Show

Highly esteemed women’s wear designer-turned-menswear designer-turned film director Tom Ford made a huge splash late last year when he announced that he’d once again be creating beautiful wares for the fairer sex. His return was marked by a secret show at a salon on Madison Avenue with only 100 of his closest friends in attendance. A video from the show was just released today, almost four months later. The event, shrouded by a veil of secrecy, came with a set of rules including:
  • No full-look photos to run alongside fashion reviews.
  • No complete run-of-show anywhere on the internet.
  • No magazine coverage until January issues.
  • No celebrities wearing the clothes until December.
The only person allowed to photograph the show was Terry Richardson and every monthly from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar included coverage of his new designs in their December issues. Vogue Paris even allowed Ford to guest edit the December ‘10/January ‘11 issue, with many attributing this to his close friendship with editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld (who recently announced her departure from the magazine after 10 years). Ford is infamous for being anti-press, disregarding critical reviews of his work and not caring much for high profile fashion shows. The fashion industry could learn a thing or two from the way Tom Ford controls his brand and his image. In an era where tween bloggers sit front row and high fashion designers collaborate with high street retailers, one can’t help but feel concern for the future of fashion and a bit of nostalgia for the past. In the golden days of Dior and Balenciaga, when models sashayed down small runways in even smaller salons , only buyers, editors and select clients were in attendance. No celebrities, no camera crews, no fluff. I wasn’t certain of it until I saw video from Ford’s intimate show, but now I know that this is the way things should be. Watch below:


Best Menswear Campaign of 2010

In an unexpected contrast to their minimal "Un peu d'air sur terre" campaign shot by Ellen von Unwerth, Lacoste shot model Lasse Pedersen against a pop art background for Lacoste! Red Label S/S 2010 campaign. While I do acknowledge that it's not the most artistic or creative of ideas,  I have to admit that I've grown a bit tired of all the dark, dreary, homoerotic themes so prevalent in menswear campaigns today (not that anything's wrong with that...I just want something new). Commercial fashion advertisements often tend to be boring and predictable, but this ad really excites me! It's cool, it's fresh, and, most of all, it's fun. J'adore.


F/W 10 Trend Alert: Quilted Jackets

I just can't get enough of the "Heritage" trend that seems to have taken menswear by storm over the past couple seasons. Everywhere you look there's a nod to some sort of traditional, old-English style of dress. Some of it's discreet, and some of it's in your face. Some of it's a modern take on classic, and some of it's just down right original. Take the quilted jacket, for instance. Originally intended for foxhunting in the late-nineteenth century, quilted jackets have become a staple for well-dressed gents on both sides of the Atlantic. Both stylish and utilitarian (and far less bulky than your down coat), it's easy to see why the jacket has found it's way back into the mainstream menswear market. While the most authentic versions are still available from labels like Barbour, Burberry and Ralph Lauren, the jacket has also been re-created by contemporary brands like Ben Sherman and Nicole Farhi in a shorter, slimmer fit. No matter which style best suits your tastes, a quilted jacket is an investment that will definitely last for years to come.


YUKETEN Maine Guide Boot

image via hypebeast.com

These boots are BEYOND perfection. Get 'em here.

Preview: Gap Men's Spring 2011

Since taking over the role of creative director for the Gap in 2007, Patrick Robinson has been trying to take the company's design aesthetic in a new direction. For the past couple of years we've all been along for the ride and, while I wasn't exactly sure where we were headed, I think we've finally reached the destination. I don't know whether it's due to the actual construction of the garments or if it's just superb styling, but the lookbook for Gap's Spring 2011 men's collection features several pieces that might be worthy of walking the runway in Milan (if you removed the hangtags).

I think it's possible that, with a little more time, Robinson might be able to do for the Gap what Jenna Lyons did for J. Crew. The chinos appear to be great quality with a slightly tailored, but solid, fit and the outerwear is on trend but not too forward. The overall mood of the collection is (dare I say) slightly minimalist with a hint of mild European sensibility. These are my favorite looks from the collection:

J. Press for Urban Outfiters

Despite the Twitterverse going absolutely mad over the new Lanvin x H&M collection that launched this weekend, I'm probably a little more excited about another collaboration: J Press for Urban Outfitters. In case you didn't know, the New Haven-based men's clothier has been around since 1902 and is the all-time, quintessential go-to brand for all things Prep. The capsule collection, which references schools like Darmouth, Cornell and Princeton, wasn't supposed to be released until December but, fortunately for us, Christmas came early this year.

There have been a lot of varying opinions on whether fashion brands should continue to cheapen their images by forming partnerships and doing diffusion lines with fast-fashion retailers, but I think this J Press x Urban Outfitters collaboration is wonderful. The two brands couldn't be more perfect for each other and it's awesome that J Press is acknowledging a younger customer base who either (a) couldn't previously afford their wares, or (b) was unaware of the iconic brand's existence.

I've already called dibs on the 3-button navy blazer, but if you still want in on the action I suggest you ditch class, grab a quiet spot on the quad, and start ordering here before these pieces are gone!

Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"- Directed by Spike Jonze

Check out Arcade Fire's new music video for "The Suburbs" directed by Spike Jonze! This is my favorite song from the recent album and I think they captured the emotion of the track perfectly with Jonze's flawless, but dark, depiction of a gang of youths who carelessly frolic about their suburban neighborhood until they lose their innocence and are forced to grow up. Doesn't it kind of make you want to be a kid again?


Oak NYC Square Collar Denim Jacket

image via oaknyc.com

Check out this sick jacket that I pre-ordered from OAK NYC from their Black Label Collection. It's sort of a combination of several different trends I've been lusting after for some time now. First, it reminded me of this Alexander Wang leather sleeved denim jacket from a couple seasons ago. I really loved the idea of combining two different materials on such a simple outerwear piece; it turned a basic denim jacket into a cool and chic must-have wardrobe staple. But after celebs by the likes of M.I.A, Lindsay Lohan, and Rihanna were spotted wearing the Wang jacket, not only did I feel it was too trendy and of-the-moment but it also became too feminine for me to pull off confidently. Then, last winter Obey came out with a similar version for men but I passed on it because It looked a bit, how do you say...cheap?

Another trend that I became instantly obsessed with as soon as it hit the runway was shearling (and after Burberry's breathtaking Fall 2010 collection, who wasn't?) But, I wasn't able to afford the $3,000+ price tag for a Prorsum piece and I was still nervous about incorporating such a strong womenswear trend into my wardrobe. Then along came Oak's F/W 2010 collection! I almost died when I saw this shearling collared denim jacket because it was literally everything I'd been dreaming of. The draped collar is perfection and the contrasting black jersey sleeve is just bold enough. Needless to say I ordered it immediately. Although the estimated ship date wasn't till mid-October, I got the jacket in the mail a few weeks ago. Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can rock it.


So, you know how I promised you guys sweet photos and new content from my adventures during New York Fashion Week? Well, it turns out that a very smart, alert, and responsible blogger (ahem, that would be me) left his digital camera in the back of a cab after the rag & bone show!!! It wasn't until 2 days later when I checked myself out of the Ganesvoort Park Avenue Hotel (and onto the couch of a very generous friend) that I realized the camera was even missing. It was one of the few moments in my life that I felt my heart literally drop to the floor. It was just so disappointing to think that a year's worth of memories and experiences were suddenly gone forever. BUT! I've never been one to cry over spilled milk, so I went about the rest of my stay in NYC as normal, hitting up after parties and having a blast on Fashion's Night Out. I just wish I'd been able to share it all with you guys.

Anyway! Now that I'm back home finishing my senior year (and no longer playing the role of a starving, cash strapped fashion intern) I decided it was time to make a new purchase. I debated whether or not to invest in another camera, but not anticipating any buzz worthy events happening in my life in the near future, I decided it could wait for now. So instead, I bought an iPad!!! And I must say: it's pretty rad. After spending the past couple of nights downloading apps instead of sleeping, I came to the realization that I could start blogging on my iPad from now on (which is what I'm doing now). This way, whenever there's something I'd like to blog about I don't have to write it down and get to it later (...because I never do). I can now blog instantly. So expect A LOT more from VCUstyle in the coming days and weeks. À plus!


Hope everyone had a great summer! We're in NYC right now, preparing to cover some shows for you all. BE BACK SOON! xx


Fall/ Winter 2010 Trend: Un-Originality?

This F/W 2010 Eryn Brinié look has an uncanny resemblance to S/S 2010 Alexander Wang (courtesy of Fashionista.com)

Well kids, New York Fashion Week is once again underway! In what I've dubbed "Bryant Park's Revenge", the fashion crowd has been subjected to everything from blizzards and fiery explosions to the death of a fashion legend (R.I.P. McQueen). However, it seems that another tragedy has struck and this one comes directly from the runways. Call it "inspiration" ou ça que vous voulez, but already we've been seeing looks come down the runway that appear to be blatant knock-offs of other designers work from past seasons. Earlier today, Fashionista.com pointed out the similarities between looks from the Fall/Winter 2010 Eryn Brinié presentation today and ones from the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010 collection (from the side-braid to the silhouette, it's almost a dead ringer). Just now, as I was browsing through a few of the collections on Style.com, I happened to notice what I think are MAJOR similarities between the F/W 2010 Richard Chai Love collection and the S/S 2010 Marc Jacobs collection (judge for yourself). I'm just hoping that one of this season's biggest trends doesn't turn out to be a lack of originality.

Richard Chai Love Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Collection:


30/40/50 Countdown!

Only one more day!



$2,670 for a slice of heaven

What! Can it be! Rodarte has finally come out with a men's collection, available only at Opening Ceremony! Oftentimes when labels begin designing for men they lose a lot of what makes their women's collection so outstanding (see: Alexander Wang...Elizabeth and James...) but Rodarte has successfully been able to maintain the essence of their brand while also making the clothing masculine enough for a menswear audience. These threads (no pun intended) don't come cheap though, with each sweater costing $2,670. Maybe you'll get free shipping? The price doesn't shock me, however, and I don't think it's an unreasonable amount considering that the garments are all hand knit here in the U.S.A and use some really exceptional and high quality fabrics like superkid mohair and alpaca. Sadly, I can't afford any of this on a college student budget (and I'm saving my extra kidney for a Rick Owens jacket) but I'll be keeping my eye on you, grey crewneck!


ACNE Winter Sale

Oak NYC channeling Louis Vuitton S/S 2010?

Large Foxtail Keychain (100% fur) $58 at Oak NYC

I was wondering how long it would take before we saw the proliferation of Marc Jacob's rabbit tail trend for Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 and it appears, dear readers, that the time has come. Granted, Oak's foxtail keychains (for men, mind you) are not exactly the same kind that were sent down the runway, and they don't come in neon colors. However, this is a step in that direction which leaves me with a question: just how much time do we have left before the Williamsburg-based phenomenon goes global? Only time will tell.


I <3 Mr. Brad Goreski

The always dapper and amazingly stylish Brad Goreski (Rachel Zoe's assistant) got some prime real estate on Jak & Jil today. The man is killing it because JUST YESTERDAY he was also featured in Bill Cunningham's "On The Street" for the New York Times (Brad was just one slide before Jason Wu). He's probably wearing head-to-toe Band of Outsiders (I own the blue oxford he's wearing in this photo) but, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I think I'd like his briefcase a lot more if it DIDN'T have the Chanel emblem so prominently displayed. But who am I to question the sartorial choices of such an icon?


Karlie Kloss plays Table Tennis. Adorable.

This is so adorable! The 17-year-old model from St. Louis (as IF she needs an introduction) goes head to head with the "notorious Wally Green", an international table tennis champion from Harlem, in a high stakes, all-or-nothing game of...ping-pong. Hahaha, watch below:


Sample Sale: Opening Ceremony 12/11-12/13

Opening Ceremony Sample Sale
210 Mulberry Street
60%-90% off